Refalo Free Range Pork was established in Kemps Creek in 2003, relocating to Canowindra in 2017 to expand. The farm specialises in supplying quality free range suckling pigs to the Sydney butcher/restaurant trade.

The pigs are completely free range for their entire lives. The pigs are rotated throughout the farm on a month on - month off  grazing system; also to seasonal conditionals with maintaining good pasture cover as the main goal. Fodder crops are also planted for pigs to graze off, these include barley, oats, sorghum and millet. The farm has a very good water supply via an irrigation bore (flow tested at 40 Litres per second), which allows us to water pastures and crops.

​The shelter sheds and farrowing hutches were designed by the business in the early days.
These shelters are moveable by tractor.

​Our breeds mainly consist of Hamrock sows (F1 Hampshire / Duroc cross) and a Large White or Landrace Boar as the Terminal Sire. AI is also a part of the breeding program more so for producing replacement gilts.

​The pig herd are wormed and vaccinated to industry standards. Grain is sourced locally when the seasons permits. All pigs diets are mixed on the farm.

Buy Direct

We sell pigs to the Public and the Butcher / Restaurant trade.

Please direct any enquiry using our contact form or to the email provided.